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If you’re struggling with financial issues, our Arlington Bankruptcy Attorney, Richard Weaver can help! For those with unsecured debts who qualify, Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection can provide a complete or nearly complete elimination of debts. Our bankruptcy team and lawyers are led by Rick Weaver., who can offer immediate relief through this bankruptcy option by using the automatic stay.Find Our Convenient Arlington Bankruptcy Office LocationRichard Weaver & Associates Arlington Office
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We Can Help With All Sorts of Financial Problems:

We want to give you a friendly hand and a jump to move you forward. For those who qualify, our team can file your bankruptcy using the bankruptcy code. If you earn an income over the Texas median income, or who specifically want to save their home from foreclosure or stop a vehicle repossession, chapter 13 bankruptcy could be the answer as your best choice. We want to help! We can provide affordable options!

If you need real, powerful debt help, you could be entitled to full, and complete elimination of your debt balances on unsecured debts. Those financial obligations that can be discharged through bankruptcy include such debts as medical bills, credit cards, payday loans, utility debts, personal loans. There are a hand full of debts like back taxes, alimony, criminally related debts, and child support which typically might not be legally discharged.

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Is Bankruptcy Affordable?

We work hard and we work efficiently so that you can file bankruptcy with low, affordable attorney fees. You will find when working with Richard Weaver that he seeks to be provide service with compassion because he doesn’t feel that people should be gouged by attorney fees.

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What Are The Prices To File Bankruptcy?

Richard Weaver & Associates Bankruptcy Firm provides affordable Arlington Bankruptcy pricing. We offer cheap chapter 13, affordable chapter 7, and offer payment plans to get your bankruptcy filed. We want our clients to have the choice of paying up front or using a payment plan over time. The filing fees with the court are also a consideration, for which the court charges $335 court filing fees for a chapter 7 bankruptcy or $310 court filing fees for a chapter 13 case. Our fees for a chapter 7 are very competitive, keeping the total for a ch. 7 bankruptcy to a level that helps our clients without breaking their bank. Chapter 13 bankruptcy fees can be rolled into the repayment plan, making them also extremely affordable. You can get started for through an affordable payment plan or there are small discounts for paying in full up front. By Rick Weaver.

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Low Attorney Pricing, Resulting From Our Experience, Personal Touch, & Efficiency. Trust Weaver & Associates!

We are pleased to offer an affordable bankruptcy fee structure that is reasonable, caring and affordable. Because of our experience and exceptional service, we’ve been able to help literally THOUSANDS of satisfied DFW bankruptcy clients over these last 25 years. With chapter 7 bankruptcy, the price is very affordable for typical cases. And with a down payment, our office can immediately begin working on your behalf doing such things are answering creditor calls and more to provide you the debt help right away. Additionally, once your fees are paid in full, we can offer the protection of the court that comes through use of the bankruptcy petition! Our goal is to make it as affordable as we can for you.

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