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It is True, Affordable Bankruptcy in Texas Can Be a Low Payment Down!

We realize most folks needing bankruptcy do not have the financial means to cover the of money which bankruptcy attorneys generally charge in advance. However, with Weaver & associates offer the option to get your bankruptcy filing going, regardless of whether it’s chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13. There is no set retainer, so we can start you with as little as $50, for example. We start the work of preparing your bankruptcy petition, and once the attorney fees and court filing fee are paid in full, we file your bankruptcy with the court. In the mean time, you refer all of your creditor calls to us so that we can relief the pressure with debt collectors.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Payment Terms

The most important thing to realize about a payment plan with our law firm is that we work for you. We do not set the payment terms because we want to come up with something that is affordable for you. If you choose to pay some amount up front as a retainer, and are filing bankruptcy via chapter 7, the final cost will be around $2,000. We can work together with you and make a payment plan that makes sense with your budget. There is no minimum payment, but we realize that the goal is to get you the ultimate relief that comes with the actual bankruptcy filing with the court, so the goal is to pay as much as you can, but not to make it so difficult that you are still experiencing huge money problems. There is no interest and there are no fees with payments as the payments are made timely each month.

Chapter 13 Terms

If you file for chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, the process can be ever so simple. With a down payment with the balance for the legal fees paid from the bankruptcy trustee as described by the bankruptcy court out of your monthly repayment plan.

Qualifications for This Program

If you are wondering about qualifying for this $500 Bankruptcy Down Payment Program, your requirement is to be employed with regular income. If that were not the case, you would not be in a position to make remaining monthly payments. That is why chapter 13 is often called a wage-earner’s bankruptcy.

Discount For Paying Upfront?

While there is not a lot of margin in our pricing, we do offer a discount for paying up front. Will get you a chapter 7 discount we give you the rate of $100 off. You may even cover for the amount fully through simple, convenient advance payments. By Rick Weaver.

Need Help Fast? Weaver Bankruptcy Law Firm Can Help!

See below for Answers to some of the Common Questions about Bankruptcy. First of all, when you’re considering your options, it’s important to realize that our bankruptcy attorney Fort Worth can discuss your rights with you in this regard. Nothing should be regarded on this page as a substitute for sound legal advice from a competent attorney, so we encourage you to call us for your free consultation, by simply dialing (817) 422-5929 today.

1.  What does bankruptcy involve in Texas?

Bankruptcy is covered under federal law, but there are differences between filing bankruptcy in Texas versus other states. The US Constitution provides exclusive rights to the federal government regarding the passage and altering of federal bankruptcy laws.

According to this legal authority granted by the constitution, the bankruptcy laws in the code were created by the federal government. Within the bankruptcy code exist chapters or sections known as different chapters of the bankruptcy code. The most common chapters of bankruptcy fall under chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy, as well as the less common of the three: chapter 11 bankruptcy.

2.  Does bankruptcy stop harassment by creditors?

YES! If we help you file bankruptcy and submit your bankruptcy petition to the court, there is an automatic stay (an automatic stop) of all collection efforts, actions, lawsuits, and more that may be performed by creditors which have been listed in the petition. They may not try to collect or engage in any kind of contact with you regarding money that is owed to them. Some creditors (like secured creditors who hold a mortgage on your house, or who have a lien on your car, etc.)

3.  What If I’m Not Behind Yet On My Bills? Can I Still Do Bankruptcy?

Generally people think that they should leave bankruptcy as a last resort. However, bankruptcy provides protection. It can keep your situation from deteriorating, and quite often, we have clients who we assist with filing for bankruptcy protection before becoming seriously delinquent with debts. For those who barely are able to afford minimum payments on credit cards, mortgage, car, etc, or in cases where you have payments that are large which are about to come due, you may wisely exercise your right to file for bankruptcy protection rather than getting deeper into a financial mess.